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Our Business Brand

 Sorbent® Professional is designed specifically for the away from home market  – made for the comfort of home when away from home.  A premium range of products, including toilet paper (traditional and jumbo), facial tissues and hand towel, for occasions where softness and comfort, and a trusted brand is appreciated.  Sold in bulk through our distributor partners.

Our Consumer Brand

Back in 1952, we proudly transformed the Australian outhouse routine from an unpleasant chore into something a little more enjoyable when we introduced soft and absorbent crepe toilet paper in individually wrapped rolls. Many things have changed over time, yet we remain the same great brand that has been loved by Australians for decades. Sorbent – our favourite Down Under.

Our Brands

We strive to bring Australians the quality, choice and value they deserve when purchasing our wide range of kitchen and bathroom paper.

Soft on the Environment

PEFC Certified

100% of our fibre is certified sustainable

Dispersible, biodegradable toilet paper

Suitable for all systems

Cartons & core are recyclable

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Supporting Australia

Solaris Paper is an Australian company supporting local jobs